Long-form blog post for Encharge Encharge is a marketing automation tool. I wrote an in-depth blog post about inbound marketing.


Content strategy and long-form blogs for Tactical.com Tactical is a survival blog focused on helping people prepare for disasters and unexpected events. We initially worked together to create SEO blog posts and in-depth product review articles. From there, I improved the site’s overall content strategy, which included keyword research and topic ideation. Bonus: I also […]

Rainbowfish Studios

Site copy for Rainbowfish Studios Rainbowfish Studios is a premiere wedding photography studio based in Cebu and New York. They needed someone to write web copy that reflected their unique personality and service. We worked together to create site copy that evoked romance, genuine moments, and new beginnings.


Content strategy, long-form blogs, and content repurposing for Shepherd Shepherd is a headhunter agency that matches Filipino talent with US companies. They needed a content marketer who can take ownership of all their content marketing efforts. I crafted the brand’s content strategy, which included: I also write regularly for their blog.

The Strange Tale of How My Nursing Degree Made Me a Better Writer

Wanna hear something funny? I’m a nurse. Yes, an actual, honest-to-goodness registered nurse. Thanks to my emo playlists, propensity for writing bad fan fiction, and extensive 90s-themed stationery collection, people often mistake me for someone who went to an art school. Which is great, but the opposite is true: I graduated from A Very Science-y […]

The Best Free and Paid Content Writing Courses For Absolute Beginners

So you’ve heard that content writing is one of the best ways to earn money online and want to give it a shot. Cool — but there’s just one problem: you don’t know if you’ve got the right skills for the job. Fear not, dear friends; in this post, I’ll share the best free and […]